Larrie Davies, Canadian Man, Apologizes After Attempted Theft, Turns Himself In (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Attempts To Rob Gas Station.. And Does The Last Thing You'd Expect

An attempted theft is nothing new, but one that stars an honest robber is a delightful change of pace.

A 44-year-old man tried to hold up an Esso gas station in Winnipeg, Canada, early Wednesday morning, Global News reports. The man, who has been identified as Larrie Davies, approached the gas station's drive-thru window claiming to have a weapon and asked the clerk, Satnam Singh, for the store's cash.

Singh refused him and called the police, prompting Davies to drive away.

About 40 minutes later, however, Davies returned to the window, and he had a different message.

According to CBC News, he told Singh: "I'm sorry, I apologize. I need money. That's why I tried to rob."

His willingness to come forth had the authorities baffled.

“This is definitely unique,” Constable Eric Hofley said in a press conference on Wednesday, “It’s not like he didn’t see officers there when he returned."

Davies was arrested and charged with robbery, but Winnipeg police suspect that the law will be lenient in light of his apology.

"Remorse is one of the things that the justice system looks at."

Earlier this month, remorseful thieves returned stolen computers to a nonprofit they had burglarized with a note of apology.

In March, a fomer burglar confessed to having stolen $800 from a Michigan store 30 years ago. The anonymous thief repaid the money -- with interest -- and apologized in a note to the local police department.

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