Guinness Record-Holder's Tips For Midlife Weight Loss

12 Tips for Midlife Weight Loss From Guinness Record-Holder

At 56, Bob Natoli is one of the oldest six-time Guinness World Records holders for feats of fitness. His latest record came when he lifted 51,640 pounds with an upright barbell in one hour. The Oswego New York grandfather is a fitness guru and recently created the "True Vision 4 Success" fitness program, which, while helpful to anyone trying to lose weight, is really targeted to post 50s.

"Being over 50 doesn’t mean succumbing to an overweight and out-of-shape life," said Natoli, who encourages midlifers to shape up for better health versus appearance. "Exercise and proper diet can improve bone density and help avoid the silent danger of osteoporosis. Every ounce you reduce your weight means less stress on your joints."

Natoli says that our metabolism slows about 5 percent per decade once we reach 40. Losing weight decreases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, he added. And, he says, there is no better time to start living healthier than right now.

Natoli offered these 12 tips for midlifers trying to shed extra pounds:

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