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Guinness Will Soon Be 100 Percent Vegan

The company plans to remove a fish bladder by-product from its brewing process.

Guinness plans to become 100 percent vegan in 2016, the Independent reports.

At the moment, the stout beer relies on fish bladders in its filtration process. Guinness is currently seeking an animal-free product to replace isinglass, a type of gelatin made from fish that's used to help remove the yeast in the brew.

While isinglass is removed from the beverage during the brewing process, Guinness can't ensure that some small amount doesn't remain: The company has previously said traces of it can be found in the product, which makes it a no-no for both vegetarians and vegans.

The change reportedly marks the first tweak to the 256-year-old recipe, which has relied on fish bladder since its inception. Ten million pints of Guinness are sold (and presumably drunk) every single day in 150 countries, according to the Daily Meal; the change means that even more people will be able to take to the beloved beer (and its supposed health benefits!) like ducks to water. But without the fish, or something.

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