Gulf Oil Spill Health Effects: Tell Us Your Story

Have You Been Sickened By Chemical Exposure In The Gulf Region? Tell Us Your Story

Here at HuffPost Green, we are hearing an increasing number of stories about serious health problems arising from exposure to chemicals in the Gulf region, from vomiting to memory loss to chemical-induced pneumonia. HuffPost Bloggers Jerry Cope and Rikki Ott have blogged about their first-hand experiences, and HuffPost's Jason Linkins has reported on a strange illness cleanup workers have experienced called TILT. Knowing the long-term health effects on Exxon-Valdez oil spill survivors, we want to to hear first-person stories about what's really going on in the Gulf. Do you live or work in the region and have experienced health effects you or doctors attribute to chemical exposure? Please tell us your story using the submission tool below.

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