Gulf Oil Spill: Palin Camp Says You Can't Trust Foreign Oil Companies [UPDATE]

As much as I try to hew to what I call Weigel's First Constant -- which asserts that a diminished value should be placed on the social network statements that emerge from somewhere in the camp of sometime-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin -- this is just too bizarre not to mention.

See, as everyone knows, Palin is pretty much defined as the ultimate in "Drill, Baby, Drill". And she has so many thoughts on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and What It Means. Mostly, her thoughts evolves slowly, as she learns from other people what she is supposed to think about any given issue. But today, Sarah Inc. took to its Twitter account to offer some lessons about What The Gulf Oil Spill Teaches Us. Her bottom line: don't trust the foreign oils!

Gulf: learn from Alaska's lesson w/foreign oil co's: don't naively trust- VERIFY. Livelihood affected by spill?Don't sign away remedy rightsless than a minute ago via OpenBeak


Yes, it's obviously the fault of those devious Brits! Commence the racial profiling, right?

Of course, while it's based in Britain, BP is a massive, publicly-traded, multinational energy conglomerate, commonly referred to as a "supermajor". It's just one of three companies that are heavily involved with the Deepwater Horizon facility. The other two are Halliburton, an American company, and TransOcean. Spawned from a U.S. company called Sonat, TransOcean became what it is today after mergers with and acquisitions of various foreign entities. It's now headquartered in Switzerland.

Fun fact! I'm not sure that Palin knows this, but another "supermajor" is ExxonMobil, a United States company that I seem to recall has a rather complicated history with the state of Alaska for some reason.

UPDATE: Many thanks to an emailer named Ben, who reminds me that for eighteen long years, that dodgy, not-to-be-trusted foreign oil company known as British Petroleum employed one Todd Palin.

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