'Gummy Bear Stained Glass' Is The Sweetest DIY Light Box Ever

'Gummy Bear Stained Glass' Is The Sweetest DIY Light Box Ever

Edible stained glass? Totally sweet.

This epic gummy bear light box is a technicolor "stained-glass" panel you'll want to eat right off the wall.

To make one, melted different color gummy bears over a double boiler. Poured the various liquids into an acrylic case. As the material hardens, the colors blend together to create awesome, abstract designs. Let the mixture dry, hang it up near a window, and voila! An enchanting wall decoration filters light in the sweetest way possible.




If DIY is not your thing, Spanish design house Mayice makes the boxes with what can only be described as the most mesmerizing artistic flourish. The company sells them for about $190 a pop online. Buyers can choose their own colors and there's a huge bonus: each color comes with its own unique aroma.

Wall art that tastes like our favorite candy and smells delicious to boot? Sign us up.

H/T Curbed

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