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'Gun Bra' At NRA Convention Features Firearm Holster (PHOTOS)

While we neglected to go bra shopping this weekend, folks attending at the National Rifle Association's Annual Meeting and Exhibits this weekend got the chance to peruse some new lingerie. Among the many items on display at the NRA's annual convention in Houston was a "gun bra," complete with lacy detailing in the back and a detachable holster in the front.

Made by Flashbang Holsters, the Women’s Holster allows women to conceal a firearm right between their breasts. As Flashbang describes on its website, "Simply pull up your shirt with one hand and pull down on your pistol with the other -- in a matter of seconds you’ve safely deployed your self-defense sidearm." And for only $39.95!

This isn't the first time we've seen a gun bra -- in addition to Lady Gaga's famous gun bra, the Flashbang brassiere has been around for years, and several more lines of "concealed carry clothing" have popped up as gun ownership rates rise. Women can now purchase purses, tank tops and even jean jackets outfitted with special gun pockets, not to mention the chinos available for firearm-loving guys.

We can't make any of this up. See for yourself below.

At the NRA Convention:

gun bra

From Flashbang's website:

gun bra

Clarification: Language has been amended in the article to reflect that Flashbang produces only the clip-on holster, not the accompanying undergarment.

For those looking to pack heat in style:

Concealed Carry Style

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