Gun Control? Where Are We?

So where are we? Where have we gone? Since the tragic massacre in Newtown, CT, several states have move forward with passing legislation that places tougher regulations on the gun industry. New York and Connecticut are principal examples of states that have taken the tragic incident in Newtown serious and have taken action.

Despite these efforts, the federal government has been incapable of moving forward policies that will potentially lessen the impact of guns on our society. Moreover, just like other policies, the policy window might be closing up. The opportunity and time period to move legislation forward is often right after a tragic incident such as a Newtown or Aurora. While I am very sympathetic towards recent natural disasters and issues that have developed in the international sphere, I would advance that gun control is still an issue and a challenging topic that we must taken on. Despite, this desire to take this legislation on, we might be at a point where the time has disappeared to move any reasonable legislation forward. Regardless the closing of the policy window, the power and influence of the NRA on Republican and conservative elected officials make it unlikely that anything will get through. Shame on America and shame on those who we elected to represent us in government. Admittedly, I am not against guns but against guns that kill people.