Australian Doctor Discovers Gun In Prosthetic Leg Of St. Vincents Hospital Patient

Some people are so well armed, they're armed in their legs.

Medical professionals at St. Vincents Hospital in Sydney's St. Vincent's Hospital were shocked on Monday upon discovering a concealed firearm inside a 66-year-old man's prosthesis.

Hospital staff alerted authorities and placed the facility on lock down around 3:50 p.m. after finding the weapon, which the man had "secreted under a stocking" inside his false limb, according to a New South Wales Police Department press release.

The hospital admitted the man for a leg amputation brought on by a medical condition.

In addition to finding the gun, police retrieved two rounds of ammunition from the man's 18-year-old son and his 23-year-old girlfriend, who were both in the room at the time.

Law enforcement officials charged the man and his son with possession of an unauthorized firearm and possession of ammunition without a license. The girlfriend is only charged with possession of ammunition without a license.

Nobody was harmed or threatened as a result of the episode.