Gun Junkies and Their Complicit Political Dealers

There's clearly no limit to what American gun junkies and their political dealers will tolerate. There's no limit to the number of dead they're ready to trade for their right to own automatic assault rifles. It wasn't 32 people on the Virginia Tech campus. It wasn't 26 first graders and teachers in Sandy Hook. Fourteen Innocent Californians weren't enough. My guess is that 50 or more Orlando nightclub goers won't matter either.

There will never be a death toll high enough to wake up America's gun lovers and the politicians who have the power to end the senseless carnage.

As commentator Dan Hodges once tweeted: "In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the U.S gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over."

Somehow, easy access to mass killing machines is more important than the lives of those children, and the innocent adults killed day after day. Somehow, so many of our politicians are more concerned with appeasing the gun lobby and preserving the Second Amendment than protecting their citizens.

The AR-15 assault rifle was used in the Orlando shooting. The AR-15 assault rifle was used by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook. James Holmes used an AR-15 style rifle to shoot up a movie theater. The San Bernadino killers used a version of the AR-15.

The NRA says ordinary Americans use the AR-15 for target practice, for hunting, for self-defense.

Is any of that more important than the welfare of innocent people?

To all the gun advocates in Congress "praying" for the victims on television and social media, your hollow, disingenuous prayers are downright offensive. And they're worth less than zero. Those of us who believe guns are destroying this country don't want your condolences - we want you to be accountable. Those of us who are parents of children growing up in this frightening environment want you to get off your irresponsible asses and do something real. Make something happen.

As Congressman Chris Murphy tweeted, "Congress's heartless, intentional silence has become a quiet message of endorsement to would be shooters contemplating mass murder."

I would argue that Congress has blood on its hands every time there is another mass shooting in the U.S. Our representatives and senators are cowards for standing by, waiting for the next attack, and then writing it off with a prayer and a photo-op visit to a funeral.

You can blame Islamic extremists, unstable men, racist men. You can talk all you want about mental health. But none of the shooters would have been successful if they didn't have automatic assault rifles.

In the Orlando attack, the alleged perpetrator was American. He had access to guns because he lives in America, the country with the highest number of mass killings. Yes, it was a terror attack. And yes, terrorists have attacked other nations, like France. But other countries do not suffer from domestic mass killings on a regular basis.

What's the difference between the U.S. and all of these other nations? Do we really think we have that many more unstable people living here? No. The difference is access to guns. It's a straight line, and if you can't follow it, you shouldn't be able to hold elected office.

Psychopaths, mentally ill Americans, men and women compelled to do Isis's bidding - they all know how to follow the straight line from guns to death. It's easy. They steal them from their mothers, or get their friends to buy them, or they buy them themselves. Legally. With ease.

Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, reportedly had a valid Florida firearms license, despite the fact that he was on the FBI's watch list in 2013 and 2014.

That is obscene.

If you are feeling powerless, there is something you can do. You can keep Donald Trump from being elected. And you can vote the bums out. If your congressman or senator does not support gun control legislation, vote him or her out of office. If we can wrest power from the politicians who act as the NRA's little bitches, we can finally do something about gun violence.