Woman Shot After Man Mistakes Gun Left On City Bus For A Toy

Woman Shot After Man Mistakes Gun Left On City Bus For A Toy

A Chicago woman was grazed by a bullet Wednesday morning after a handgun was left unattended on a city bus seat.

Police say the woman was riding the No. 47 bus on the city's Southwest Side when her neighbor, who was riding the bus with her, picked up the gun after it fell to the floor, ABC Chicago reports. The man reportedly thought the .22 caliber pistol was a toy.

When the gun fired, a bullet ricocheted off the floor and struck the woman in the thigh, though it didn't pierce her skin. According to ABC, she refused medical attention and left the scene limping.

Officials have designated the incident as an accident but are working to locate the pistol's owner, according to NBC Chicago.

Though guns are not allowed on public transit in Chicago under the state's new concealed carry law, weapons have turned up there multiple times in recent days. In a separate incident last Thursday, a city bus driver confiscated a gun that apparently belonged to an individual involved in a fracas captured on cell phone video, the Chicago Tribune reports. The incident is under police investigation.

Wednesday the Chicago City Council unanimously approved Mayor Rahm Emanuel's strict new gun store law that would require retailers to videotape all purchases of firearms and limit sales to one gun per month per buyer. Gun rights advocates have said the plan is tantamount to a ban and a court challenge is expected.

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