Gun Safety PSA Makes Striking Comparison To Expose Lack Of Regulations

“Regulations are for our safety."

A PSA from a nonprofit working to end gun violence is getting a lot of attention, thanks to the striking comparison it draws.

“Introducing Teddy Gun” presents a child’s toy bear and notes the strict safety manufacturing guidelines and rules such products must follow. But in a twist, it turns out the seemingly ordinary teddy bear is actually a bear-shaped gun.

“Regulations are for our safety. So why don’t we use them for guns?” the captioning asks. The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence released “Teddy Gun” at the end of March as part of a new public awareness campaign calling for “common sense gun regulations.”

More than 30,000 people die from gun-related deaths in the U.S. each year,” states a press release for the campaign. “While guns are arguably the most dangerous consumer product on the market, the governmental regulation involved in their manufacturing is minimal.”

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