Gun Control Fears And Obama Partially Responsible For Recent Increase In Weapons Sales (VIDEO)

Gun-salesman in chief?

That's a name some gun dealers and manufacturers may want to bestow on President Obama after fears of tighter gun control have driven demand for weapons through the roof.

A similar bump happened close to Obama's election in 2008, and even though buyers' fears have since proven unfounded, Newser reports the fear of a crackdown on guns in Obama's second term has spiked demand once more.

And we aren't just shooting from the hip on this, either. For instance, the stock of Smith & Wesson, a popular gun maker, is up more than 140% this year. The manufacturer reported its largest first-quarter sales and earnings ever this past Monday, and according to CNN, the company credits consumer appetite for its success.

“I should put Obama’s picture on the wall up there,” said an anonymous New Jersey gun salesman to CNBC. “I’d name him salesman of the month!”

But Obama may not be the only reason so many are now interested in packing heat. Analysts say a portion of the increase in sales is due to demographic shifts as well.

"The biggest new group of buyers now are senior citizens," explained Larry Hyatt, the owner of a North Carolina gun shop, to CNBC's Closing Bell. "Ten thousand baby boomers a day are turning 65. They can't run, they can't fight, they got to shoot."

Will this trend continue if Romney is elected? Hard to say, though Business Insider points out that until recently, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney hasn't been the biggest fan of guns, either.