Let's Talk About Guns

I woke this morning to the news that, yet again, gun violence has devastated a community. Yes, there are communities that deal with the threat of gun violence every day of their lives, but tragedies like this, ones that take place in communities where this is not the assumed or perceived environmental norm, can shock the system into realizing something must be done.

For all of us it is time to, again, talk about guns in the United States.

While it might seem to be politically prudent and socially acceptable to avoid talking about difficult issues like guns, if we -- families, communities and governments -- hope to experience health, wholeness and healing, avoiding that which is emotional, difficult and painful is never a sustainable strategy.

Just as a couple struggling in their relationship might say that they don't have the time, the money or energy to go to counseling, unless the United States is done being a people who can engage in difficult conversations that strive to achieve a common good, we cannot afford not to spend the time, the money and the energy on talking about guns in our society.

I have certainly offered my thoughts on this before and I am under no delusions that this post or my tweet or my isolated voice crying out into the night will do any good. What I do hope is that for anyone -- politicians, pastors and you -- who may be weary of the arguing that has taken place, fearful of the conflict that might arise or doubtful that anything will come of the attempt, I implore you to think again. While the cost in relationships, energy and status has the potential to be significant, the potential for lives to be saved, healing to be had and hope to be restored is worth any risk that might be taken.

So please, let's talk about guns, gun violence and the gun laws.

It is time.