'I Got Shot': The Toll Of Surviving Gun Violence

A gunshot wound has lasting effects that do not come to a screeching halt once the shot is fired. Survivors of gun violence carry the scars with them, both physically and emotionally, every single day. Victims of both random and intentional acts of violence joined HuffPost Live to share their stories and the aftermath of their recovery.

"I didn't want him to shoot me anymore... I thought about my son, so I laid myself across the door because I didn't want anyone to come in and out of that building."
-- Jammal Simon who in 2006 was "in the wrong place at the wrong time" as he walked past the scene of a robbery in broad daylight with his five-year-old son only a few yards behind him

"I can tell you from being that close to [my shooter], there was nothing human about him. There was no life in his eyes whatsoever."
-- Debra Fine who in 2013 sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, ear, and shoulder in a random act of violence

"Six months after I got shot, [my shooter] came into the gas station I worked at... the dude didn't even recognize me."
-- Terrill Davis who in 2013 was helping an individual who appeared to be involved in a domestic dispute and got shot himself

"He shot me in front of his wife and children just for the money."
-- Terry Starks who in 2002 was robbed and shot four times by an individual he knew

While firearm fatalities grip the nation's attention, even more individuals are injured by gunshot wounds. According to 2010 CDC report, over 78,000 individuals were injured by a firearm in 2008, 73 percent of which were due to "interpersonal violence."

Unsurprisingly, gun violence is costly for the American taxpayer. According to a recent study, gunshot wounds and deaths cost Americans $12 billion each year in insurance and other related costs paid for by government health programs.

To hear these survivors' stories, watch the full segment HERE.

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