Guns at Fox News Channel

On April 16th, John Gibson and Andrew Napolitano at Fox News Channel argued that the answer to gun violence was more guns. They made the point that this Virginia Tech tragedy could have been avoided if Virginia had passed a law allowing concealed weapons on campus.

Good point. All the students and professors shooting at each other and not knowing who started shooting sounds like a great idea. In fact, if it's good enough for college campuses, why not also apply it to the Fox studios?

Does Fox News Channel allow concealed weapons? Can you enter the facilities with your guns? They're saying on-air what a great idea it is for everyone to be carrying guns. If they actually believe that it makes everyone safer, I assume they would let you bring weapons into Fox. So, do they?

What is Fox News Channel's official policy? -- can I bring a concealed weapon into the Fox News Channel studios when going on-air with Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity or Greta Van Susteren? Are they packing? Wouldn't we all be safer if we all had weapons on us?

I hope that Fox isn't being hypocritical and banning weapons when it's their safety at issue. That would seem really contradictory to what they say on-air. I hope they're better than that.