Guns In Schools: Students Offer Solutions To Gun Violence, Preventing Shootings

As part of a series of far-reaching gun control proposals, President Barack Obama recommended Wednesday a federal $150 million "Comprehensive School Safety Program" that would help school districts hire school guards, counselors and other staff.

The proposals come one month after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., that renewed national interest in gun control.

Suggestions from lawmakers nationwide range from strict restrictions on firearms to arming teachers with loaded weapons. Across the country, 18 states already allow teachers and other adults to carry firearms in schools.

But as Obama outlined an initiative and funding for school districts to develop school safety and emergency management plans, what do kids have to say? PBS NewsHour talked to students from 45 different schools to see what they think needs to be done to protect schools and prevent the next shooting.

From suggestions for metal detectors to dealing with mental illness, watch what the students had to say in the video above.



States That Allow Adults To Carry Loaded Weapons Onto School Grounds