Guns N' Roses Fans Smashed A Piñata Made To Look Like Donald Trump

There was even a prize inside.

Welcome to the jungle.

A few chosen Guns N’ Roses fans were invited onstage to beat the stuffing out of a Donald Trump look-alike piñata on Wednesday at a concert in Mexico City.

“Let’s bring up some people and give them a f**king stick,” lead singer Axl Rose said. “Express yourselves however you feel.” 

The fans did just that, unleashing fury on a stuffed approximation of the president-elect. They started by taking out his right leg and then moved on to ripping up the rest of his torso.

As you’re probably aware, Trump hasn’t always had the nicest things to say about Mexican people, including calling immigrants from Mexico “rapists” and “criminals.”

Donald Trump piñata, minus his right leg.
Donald Trump piñata, minus his right leg.

Of course, what good is a piñata if it’s not filled with a prize?

All that smashing revealed what appears from the the video to be a pile of rolled up T-shirts for fans in the front rows. 

At a November Guns N’ Roses concert, Axl Rose changed a lyric in the song “Civil War” to say “Look at the fear that Trump is feeding,” the music blog Consequence of Sound pointed out.

Here’s one more view of the presidential piñata:

Scary, to say the least.
Scary, to say the least.

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