Olympian Reunites With Sochi Rescue Puppies

Olympian Reunites With Sochi Rescue Puppies

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After several weeks and thousands of miles, the puppies that Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy adopted while in Sochi, Russia, have made it to their new home.

On Friday morning, Kenworthy, who snagged a silver medal in freestyle skiing last month, appeared on the "Today" show with his good friend Robin Macdonald and three adorable pooches:

Kenworthy fell in love with the pups when he met them in Sochi last month. At the time, the dogs were strays, and Kenworthy vowed to bring them back to the U.S.

The pups were especially lucky to have found him, since the Sochi local government had contracted a pest control company to round up and exterminate stray dogs ahead of and throughout the Olympic Games.

Kenworthy told "Today" that getting the pups home was more of a challenge than he'd expected. Two of the dogs died in the process, having not had access to necessary health care.

Macdonald played an integral role in the pups' adoption process, staying in Russia for an extra month to sort out the animals' paperwork and to get them the care they needed. Animal rights group Humane Society International also lent a hand.

Kenworthy says he's grateful that several of the pups were able to make it out. "It's just incredible. It feels so nice to have them home," he said.

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On Friday, Kitty Block, vice president of Humane Society International, said she was "excited" that the pups had finally been reunited with Kenworthy.

"The dogs were saved from almost certain doom during the city’s campaign to rid itself of street dogs ahead of the Olympic Games. We know the dogs are now in the safe, loving hands of Gus and wish them a lifetime of happiness in their new home," she said in a written statement, adding that the Humane Society hopes to help "more Sochi dogs find loving homes in the U.S."

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