Gus Kenworthy Gives Us A Case Of Puppy Love (PHOTO)

Thanks to Gus Kenworthy, we've got a serious case of puppy love.

The freestyle skier has been sharing his effort to rescue a stray mama dog and her four puppies from Sochi. The dogs managed to escape being poisoned by city authorities purportedly ordered to exterminate the homeless pups in the city.

On Tuesday, Kenworthy was taking a nap with one of the adorable puppies, named Rosa, when photographer Robin Macdonald snapped a candid shot of the pair. The result was heartwarming, to say the least.

The 22-year-old athlete has been stuck in Sochi dealing with paperwork that will give him clearance to take the dogs home with him to Colorado, CBS News reported.

Good luck, Gus!

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