Gustavo Rojas, Venezuelan Politician, Funding Campaign By Raffling Off Breast Implants

Gustavo Rojas, a candidate for Venezuela's National Assembly is raffling off breast implants to raise money for his campaign, the Telegraph UK reports. Rojas told El Universal, "There are critics but also some people think it's a nice idea," adding, "The raffle is a financing mechanism, nothing else. It's the doctor who will do the operation, not me."

Rojas further explained to Reuters: "Some people raffle TVs and we decided to offer this. It's an interesting prize and there's a lot of interest....When someone raffles a TV, some people think it's a good TV but others don't like it. It's the same. I'm not showing disrespect to anyone."

Venezuela is known for its beauty queens and the money it takes to groom them, including big amounts spent on plastic surgery. Breast enlargement surgery is popular in the country, according to the Telegraph, and women even take out loans in order to have the surgery performed.

Rojas hasn't given a specific date for the raffle, but elections will be held September 26.