Gutters And Castles

Awake and asleep all at once and lying on my side on a hard bed, slowly waking. I had no clue where I was, a sensation so familiar as to remove any tartness. Instead, I was blasé about discovering where now had I landed. I was more concerned with why my eyes were open but I could see nothing. More curiously, I could feel the blowback of my eyelashes fluttering but I could see nothing at all. Blades of panic speared me.

I blinked my eyes but there was nothing except but more nothing in front of me.

I was blind. I was in a world of blur. Fear burbled rattling deep within.

I tried to stay calm, delaying the inevitable but in truth I'd expected this. A pessimist by nature what were the chances I would get through unscathed? I had not considered blindness. Other scenarios of degeneration, but not blindness.

Devolving into depression I twisted over so that I lay on my back and because my eyes were open I saw a wave of colors. I saw shapes and tones and it took a beat before I realized I'd awoken staring at a wall.

One or two seconds of looking at a blank wall and I had unraveled. That's all it took for me to dismantle and give it up to the dark side. Not impressive.

I recognized my surroundings. I had landed well. My life has been about gutters and castles and I had landed in a castle, metaphorically speaking. I'll take it.