Proof That If Guy BFFs Acted Like Girl BFFs It Would Be Awesome

It's pretty funny witnessing two female besties bonding in their own world, but apparently it's even funnier when two male besties bond as if they were in a woman's world.

In Buzzfeed's new video "If Guy Best Friends Acted Like Girl Best Friends" we see what life would be like if guys treated their BFFs the way women are known to. From group bathroom trips to snuggling on the couch over some wine, these guys give any girl's night out (or in) a run for its money.

The dudes rattle off compliments and hand out encouraging pep talks as any female BFF is known to do. "I know I'm single but you'd totally be in my wedding," is among the kindest compliments a woman can give her BFF, as is the requisite "Shut up, your balls look great. We all wish we could have balls like you." The latter we usually reserve for when our BFF fights for a promotion, but this works too.

And while this is definitely a satirical take on female friendships, most of us really are "obsessed" with each other.



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