Guy Brightens Up Boring Hike By Annoying Girlfriend With Nature Puns

Simply treemendous!

A guy annoyed his girlfriend with puns throughout a hike and it was fern-tastic. 

On Sept. 5, Gary Pointon posted a video on YouTube of him getting pretty creative while irritating his girlfriend on a hike in New Zealand. Similar to the boyfriend who annoyed his lady with Ikea puns throughout their shopping trip, Pointon turned every boring river and hill into a rocking pun. 

A few of our favorites include: 

“I could be your fern-tasy." 

“Do you want me to branch out more?”

“You shall not grass!”

“Are you loving the atmossphere?”

“You’re like a stick in the mud sometimes, Eve.”

“Do you think my puns are treemenduous?” 

Simply genius. Well done, Gary. 

 H/T BuzzFeed

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