Guy Eats 8 Pounds Of Chicken And Rice, Then Shows Off Tight Abs

Where does it all go?

This should break the heart of dieters everywhere.

Watch Zermatt Neo of Singapore down about 8 pounds of chicken with rice and pull up his shirt to reveal a perfectly toned stomach.

Dude, the metabolism gods are smiling upon you, but those watching their weight are probably not.

According to the Straits Times, Neo, 27, is a former personal trainer who turned to competitive eating.

Showing remarkably good manners for a gluttony stunt, Neo ate a full chicken and 10 servings of rice with utensils in about 29 minutes on Jan. 27. The dish weighed in at about 8 pounds on the scale (in kilograms), the video shows. You'd expect there would be a significant mound where his stomach is -- but noooooo. He looks like he just got out of a Zumba class.

Where does it all go?

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