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This Bathing Suit With Guy Fieri’s Face On It Isn’t Exactly Appetizing

But it probably pairs perfectly with a pair of wrap-around sunglasses.

Get ready to have an unpleasant image forever burned into your memory.

Beloved, the website that bestowed upon the world the Donald Trump and the chest hair bathing suits, has designed yet another gem.

The Guy Fieri bathing suit retails for $59.95 (and is now on sale for $49.95), and it’s the perfect thing to wear to a diner, drive-in or dive. But maybe not the beach (please don’t wear this to the beach).


The back of the suit boasts an extreme close-up of Fieri’s face as well, so fans of the TV chef can double their fun.


According to the site, the suit is “handcrafted in 10 days.”

How fancy!