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Guy Fieri Actually Hates The Flame Shirt He's Become So Infamous For Wearing

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When you think of Guy Fieri, the first image that probably comes to mind is a guy with blond, spiked hair wearing a shirt with flames on it. Fieri knows that you picture him this way and he ― surprise, surprise ― hates it.

On a recent episode of The Sporkful podcast, the restaurateur and Food Network star unleashed on the infamous flame shirt with which he’s endlessly associated.

“There’s a picture of me in a flame shirt that everybody loves. I get that picture sent to me when we do fan mail ― it’s the picture they send more than anything,” he said. “And I think people want to love the shirt... ’cause I hate the shirt.”

Fieri explained that he wore that shirt early in his career and doesn’t know much else about it.

“We’d opened a barbecue restaurant—and this was way before even the Food Network—we’d opened a barbecue restaurant, and that was one of the shirts that we had,” he revealed. “I don’t know where we got the shirt or what happened. Goddamn I hate that shirt.”

Below is the shirt in question, in one of the many Fieri memes that exist on the internet:

Though he can’t erase that shirt from everyone’s memory, the Food Network star did his best to clear up people’s impressions of him on the podcast.

“Yes, I work hard and yes, I love my cars and yes, I love to go to football games and I love rock concerts and I love anything crazy, except jumping out of airplanes,” Fieri said. “I love all that stuff, but people are gonna say what they’re gonna say, [like] ‘Oh I bet everything’s flamed at his house.’”

He added, ”[My life is] a lot more mellow and it’s a lot more simplistic than I think everybody believes. I think everybody thinks that I live on a yacht that shoots off rockets.”

Fieri isn’t wrong, but at least now we can scratch that theory off our list.