Guy Fieri's Menu Gets Rewritten During GoDaddy Website Outage (PHOTO)

Today, we'd like to thank Buzzfeed's Katie Notopoulos for being friends with @a_girl_irl on Twitter.

It was because of Katie's attention to detail that we realized yesterday's outage had taken Guy Fieri's new restaurant website down with it -- on Guy's American Kitchen and Bar's launch day, no less. Twitter user @a_girl_irl (full name Amanda Hugandkiss, thank you very much), snapped into action and re-wrote Guy's menu to save the day. But we're not -- um -- sure he really appreciated it?

Let's take a trip to Flavor Town. Here's how the action progressed.

And the swift action that had us all in tears of joy:

A close-up:

guy fieri menu

We absolutely cannot look at "Just aPile of Mush in a Huge fgreaking Bowl" without laughing our heads off. Hats off, Amanda. Let's go get some FroYo next door sometime.