Guy Flies Tinder Date To China In Epic Modern Love Story

Love in the time of Tinder.
Thomas Gallagher

Love on Tinder is possible. And this couple just proved it.

Thomas Gallagher was bored on a business trip one night when he decided to scroll through Tinder. He wasn't looking to meet anyone, but that's exactly what ended up happening.

"I was killing time swiping while traveling for work in a city (Chicago) 700 miles from where I live," Gallagher wrote on Reddit. "Just out of curiosity/boredom I messaged a girl about one of her travel photos."

The North Carolina-native told The Huffington Post that he met a girl named Grace on the dating site just "like any other pair of Tinderers... Except I didn't have any shirtless selfies and she wasn't kissing the camera."

He explained to Grace that he travels to China a lot for business, which led him to propose a deal: "Subsequently I told her I would take her to China if she took me to New Zealand. She agreed," he wrote on Reddit.

And just like that, it was love. Or, at least an amazing adventure.

Thomas Gallagher

Gallagher said that the two clicked as soon as they began messaging. They text messaged each other for a whole month before meeting in person. They didn't call or FaceTime each other prior to meeting, but they did send each other short audio messages a few times.

"After a month I was back in Chicago for work and we both met up for drinks," Gallagher told HuffPost. "She came from swimming and I was wearing a sweater that was way too small for me as she informed me later."

The two lovebirds have been flying between Chicago and Charlotte to see each other every weekend since they met in person. Gallagher and Grace finally made good on their deal, arriving in Beijing a few days ago.

Need more proof? Watch the adorable video Gallagher made of their journey:

"So no. I didn't whisk her out of a burning building and save her life as an introduction," Gallagher told HuffPost. "But we have the rest of our story to make up for that."

Next stop for these two? New Zealand!

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