We Feel Really Bad For Hawaii Weatherman Guy Hagi

This Hawaii Weatherman Is Having The Worst Day Ever

As two hurricanes, Iselle and Julio, barrel toward the Hawaiian Islands, we’re betting one Hawaii weatherman is having the worst day ever.

Guy Hagi, Hawaii News Now's lead weather anchor and a beloved TV news personality in the state, can be wrong from time to time, as happens in trying to predict the future. But unlike most weather forecasters, Guy sometimes delivers his reports in pidgin, a local creole language there, and gets really excited about anything that makes good waves -- he's also a known surfer.

Naturally, as the state braces itself for the storm, Hawaii Instagrammers are using Guy as the scapecoat for any (all) weather-related jokes. And it's hilarious.

We still love you, Guy, but these memes were an Internet storm just waiting to happen:

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