Guy 'High-Five's' Huge Bumble Bee, Can't Stop Laughing In Viral Video

WATCH: Man 'High-Five's Bee, Thinks He's King Of The World

We could be writing about this video because it's a slow news day -- or we could be writing about it because this huge bee giving an elated man a "high-five" is honestly hilarious.

The potentially life-changing exchange -- which became viral this week -- features a very giggly man and a rather enormous bee perched on some sort of food item.

After ascertaining the large insect is, in fact, alive, the man sticks his finger in the bee's direction. To his astonishment, the bee appears to reciprocate, "high-fiving" the man's finger several times as bystanders roll with laughter.

The Telegraph notes that bumble bees sometimes raise their legs when they feel threatened, so the "high-five" motion may actually have meant, "get away from me right now."

Either way, the video reports that the bee was not harmed, and presumably eventually escaped the rather raucous crowd.

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