Some Guy Made A Thor's Hammer That Only He Can Lift

Passers-by who gave it a go discovered they weren't "worthy."

Turns out you don't need to step out of a Marvel comic to have superhero strength. You just need a bit of engineering know-how.

As you can see in the viral video above, Allen Pan--whose Twitter page identifies him as a Los Angeles-based engineer and "imagination man"-- built a Thor's Hammer that only he can lift.

Pan packed on his mythic muscle with the help of an electromagnet from a microwave oven, fingerprint scanner, touch sensor, and batteries. The hidden gadgetry enabled him to easily pick up the hammer. Passers-by who asked to give it a go looked, well, silly. Like this guy ...  

Maybe we should all leave the Thor's Hammer lift to the Norse god, or a certain Hollywood hunk.

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