Guy Pearce Has A Music Video And It's Very Bizarre

You've seen Guy Pearce lose his memory, perform in drag and even portray Andy Warhol, but nothing compares to his new music video. The Australian actor recently released a music video, and it's one of the most delightfully bizarre things we've ever seen. Pearce's video for the song "Fly All the Way," off his debut album "Broken Bones," features the actor in a variety of absurd infomercials. In one, he has his own meat brand; in another, he's a workout instructor who grows breasts. Yup, super weird. But the song itself is actually really catchy.

Pearce has apparently been writing music since his 1985 TV series "Neighbors," which gave way to pop stars Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Craig McLachlan, but never had the courage to release it. In an interview, Pearce said that he didn't feel comfortable sharing his music since any mention of it would prompt journalists to "roll their eyes." Before he recently sang live on Australia's Radio National, Pearce said, "I didn't have the confidence to come forward with the music I was making."

Finally, though, the actor has embraced his music career, and apparently his goofy side as well.

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