This Guy Wondered If He Could Take A Boxer's Punch. Now He Knows.

"It was pretty awesome."

He could have overcome a more conventional fear, like public speaking. But noooo.

Watch a regular guy get clocked in the ring to prove to himself that he can take a punch from a pro boxer.

As part of Gulden Draak Ale's campaign to encourage folks to conquer their fears, data analyst Nate squared off against middleweight fighter Russell Lamour Jr. (12-2) at the Portland (Maine) Boxing Club.

Nate absorbs a solid left to the body, another left to the face and a hard right to his kisser. Be careful what you wish for, dude.

"It was pretty awesome to conquer my fear," Nate says in the video above.

Ryan Lee, account service supervisor at the Mechanica agency behind the ad, assured The Huffington Post that while Nate "looked a little off his feet," he recovered within minutes. Lee said Lamour was "putting enough sauce" on his punches without unleashing his full power.

Good thing. Cause this looks like it hurts plenty.

 H/T Adweek