ONE ON ONE: Guy Verhofstadt On A 'United States Of Europe'

ONE ON ONE: A Conversation With Guy Verhofstadt On A 'United States Of Europe'

“Europe is not prepared to defend their interests in the globalized world,” Guy Verhofstadt, the former Prime Minister of Belgium and current member of the European Parliament, warns the younger generation of Europe. During the interview, at a meeting of the Berggruen Institute on Governance's Council for the Future of Europe, Verhofstadt paints a grim European landscape but also offers possible solutions. He repeatedly highlights the fact that the change must come from the younger generation and that it’s up to them to redefine sovereignty on the European level. He cautions the youth that without a 'United States of Europe,' we will not only lose the Euro as a single currency but Europe will disintegrate.

Next week ONE ON ONE will continue this European series with Shaukat Aziz, the former prime minister of Pakistan.

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