Guys Examine Women's Products

Blenders, cups, irons, pasties, and chicken cutlets; these items are as likely to have a place in your kitchen as in your handbag. The vast array of items marketed to women are self-admittedly ridiculous, but often necessary - you can keep your camel toe cover but you'll have to pry my menstrual cup from my cold dead hands.

We get so lost in the marketing that we often become blind as to how crazy these products might look when taken out of context. That's why it can be refreshing to take a step back and watch reactions from the people these products weren't designed for. It makes it all seem a bit mad.

The video below by Cherry TV and Courtney Davis shows guys reacting to products marketed solely toward women. The general consensus from the boys? Women don't need to contour their faces or cover their camel toes. That's nice guys, thanks for the tip, but I'll be damned if I toss my eyebrow pencil anytime soon.