Gwen Stefani Opens Up About Her Divorce From Gavin Rossdale

"That feeling of being able to write again, that's everything to me."

Gwen Stefani opened up about her recent divorce from Gavin Rossdale in an interview with Carson Daly on AMP radio on Monday. 

"My life is so extreme right now,” the singer and "Voice" judge said. "My life basically blew up in my face. And now I’m in this new life, and it’s pretty awesome, I have to say -- I'm so inspired ... being back on the show, and just being in a new place." 

Stefani specifically got candid about how the divorce had influenced her recent songwriting. 

"I'm just trying to explain it to everyone that this is crazy, what's happening to me. Everybody that hears a song, and I don't have anything to hide," she said, revealing that she cried the entire drive to her studio the first time after the breakup. "Everybody knows what my life was like before I was married. Could you imagine what my life is like now? It's crazy!"

"That feeling of being able to write again, that's everything to me," she continued. "I was like, 'Listen, all I wanna do is ... I just want to say the truth. I just want the truth to come out. I just want to be honest and real that represents where I'm at right now.'"

Stefani and Rossdale announced their divorce after 13 years of marriage back in August.

"While the two of us have come to the mutual decision that we will no longer be partners in marriage, we remain partners in parenthood and are committed to jointly raising our three sons in a happy and healthy environment," they told Access Hollywood in a statement.

Since then, Stefani has debuted her new song, "Used to Love You," apparently about the split. 

“I’m talking about pain and love and my real life, and I just want to say thank you for listening,” she said to the audience at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom before launching into the track during her solo show in October. “And I just want to share a song that I wrote recently. This song is really special.”

For more, head over to AMP radio.

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