Gwissues : One-on-One With Christina Crawford (VIDEO)

Gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, white, black or brown, we all know that infamous line: "No more wire hangers!" But behind the quintessential campy movie Mommie Dearest is a dark tell-all by Christina Crawford about her struggles with her abusive mother, legendary actress Joan Crawford.

On this week's episode of Gwissues, I spend time with Christina, who dishes about her painful childhood and why she continues to support organizations that lend a helping hand to those who have been abused. Christina sets the record straight on the her abusive relationship with her legendary mother and what in her tell-all the movie left out.

Additionally, she talks about her hilarious, successful, one-woman, Off-Broadway show, Surviving Mommie Dearest. If you haven't read the book or seen the movie, watch this episode of Gwissues before you do!


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