Gwist Recap: The Best Video Clips From The Gay YouTube Channel, July 27 - August 3

Gwist is a YouTube channel that brings together videos of interest to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. From the founders of Logo, Gwist isn't ABOUT being gay, but FOR being gay and for anyone who wants to BE a gay!

This week on Gwist! Randy Rainbow and Anthony Weiner go on a date and exchange some naughty texts! The Steam Room boys celebrate their 5th GAY birthday the best way they know how! The Broke Foodie shows you how to throw the perfect cheap brunch! And comedian Poppi Kramer overshares about her lady parts on Funny Fruits!

The Randy Rainbow Show -- Anthony Weiner Is Dating Randy Rainbow
Randy has a new man in his life! And he always knows just what to say!

Steam Room Stories -- Gay Birthday
What exactly is a Gay Birthday? The Steam Room boys find out and plot the best party EVER!

The Broke Foodie -- BRUNCH! The Gayest Meal of the Day!
But really, is there a gayer meal than brunch? The answer is no. And the Broke Foodie knows exactly how to make your brunch as delicious as possible!

Funny Fruits -- Poppi Kramer: Couldn't See My Vagina
Poppi Kramer discusses her time on "The Biggest Loser" and shares her abounding joy for Christmas songs.

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