Gwist Recap: The Best Video Clips From The Gay YouTube Channel, April 28 - May 4

Gwist is a brand new YouTube channel that brings together videos of interest to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. From the founders of Logo, Gwist isn't ABOUT being gay, but FOR being gay and for anyone who wants to BE a gay!

Each week HuffPost Gay Voices will feature several of the best videos featured on Gwist during the previous seven days. Check out this week's best clips below!

(Warning: Some topics may be unsuitable for all audiences.)

1. Conversations With My Ex -- "Walking Out"
Find out Darcy and Dee's backstory, and see how things are going with the other lovers in this week's episode of Conversations!

2. Steam Room Stories Live -- "Weird Places to Have Sex"
Miss Richfield 1981 asks the boys more of your questions! Guess which one made whoopee on the roof of an apartment in Prague?

3. Dykeotomy -- "Who's The Man?"
Pretty much the first questions lesbian couples get asked (apart from "Will you have a threesome with me?") is "Who is the man in the relationship?" Liz and Emily have opinions!

4. Funny Fruits -- "More Judy Gold"
The hilarious Judy Gold returns for another episode of Funny Fruits and talks about her experiences with Knee Surgery and Gay Beaches!

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