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Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Plane Seat Her Red Carpet In British Airways Ad

Well we definitely don't look like this in the aisle seat.

Actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow is positively stunning in a new ad campaign for British Airways.

Looking totally un-jetlagged, the actress casually kicks back on a seat from the airline's new A380 jet -- in a Safiyaa gown and Jimmy Choo heels, no less.



The ad promotes British Airways' massive new superjet, which launched a thrice-weekly route from London to Singapore this week.

It was shot atop Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Hotel, named as one of the leading casino resorts in the world. The hotel's epic SkyPark features a 150-meter infinity pool towering 57 stories above the city.

So, yea, we'd trade seats with Gwyneth any day.

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