Gwyneth Paltrow Says She's Friends With Her Exes Thanks To ‘Conscious Uncoupling’

The actor shared she used the method to maintain her friendships and doesn’t want “any bad blood” between her and her ex-partners.

Gwyneth Paltrow seems content with her past romantic partners that didn’t work out.

The Goop founder got candid about her previous relationships on her Instagram Story Friday while answering a few questions from her fans during a Q&A session.

After a fan asked the Oscar winner if she’s still chummy with any of her former partners, Paltrow said “pretty much.”

“I really believe in conscious uncoupling,” the 50-year-old explained, according to Yahoo. “When you spend meaningful time with someone, it’s nice to have it morph into friendship. I don’t want to have bad blood with anyone, ever (if I can help it.)”

The now-popular term “conscious uncoupling” was coined in 2009 by licensed marriage and family therapist and author Katherine Woodward Thomas.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe alum first used the phrase when she announced her split from ex-husband Chris Martin in a heartfelt personal essay written for Vogue.

Paltrow and Martin wed in 2003 and share two children, Apple, now 18, and Moses, now 16. She said she discovered the term “conscious uncoupling” during their break up before their eventual divorce in 2016.

The lifestyle guru, who said she suffered “brutal” backlash over the term during a 2019 podcast episode of Armchair Expert, also shared that the phrase was a “way to circumvent [the pain of divorce] and go directly to the point where we’re friends, and we remember what we loved about each other, and constantly acknowledge that we created these incredible human beings together.”

Paltrow tied the knot with producer and “Glee” co-creator Brad Falchuk in 2018, and has been previously romantically linked to several Hollywood stars, including Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and Luke Wilson.

In October, the star opened up in an interview with Entertainment Tonight about how her husband feels about her friendships with her exes, including her recently rekindling her bond with Pitt, whom she dated in the ’90s and got engaged to in 1996, before calling it quits later that year.

Calling Falchuk the “least judgmental” and the “most secure man in our relationship,” Paltrow shared that she thinks her husband “respects” her friendships.

“Probably one of the things that [Falchuk] likes about me is that I believe in conscious uncoupling, whether you’re uncoupling with a co-worker, a spouse, a boyfriend, I really do believe that if you’ve invested in somebody ― and of course there are exceptions ― to amputate that relationship [shows that] maybe you’re not then fully letting the full lesson reveal itself and the healing happen,” she said. “So even though sometimes it can be uncomfortable, I think it’s nice to work through it and reconnect with the value that that person brought to your life.”

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