Gwyneth Paltrow-Themed Gifts For Your Friend Who Loves To Hate Goop

From Goopy to gimmicky, these gifts are perfect for those conflicted about Gwyn.
Gwyneth's face when she finds out about this gift guide.
Taylor Hill via Getty Images
Gwyneth's face when she finds out about this gift guide.

The power of Gwyneth Paltrow is that she is endlessly fascinating and confusing. People are simultaneously put off by her website’s medical claims and in awe of her seemingly effective skin care routine.

So, what to get the person who has conflicting feelings about the coiner of “conscious uncoupling,” pusher of jade vaginal eggs and the best character on Netflix’s “The Politician”? We have a couple of ideas.

Some of the items below are products Paltrow has endorsed on Instagram, some are tried and true products from the Goop website itself, while others are inspired by her iconic film characters. All will bring your gift receivers one step closer to utter Goop-dom.

Check out our collection of gifts for people who love, hate and love to hate the one and only Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Goop x Sperry Saltwater Tall Lace-Up Leather Duck Boot, $180
Much like Goop, we don't have scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of these rain boots, but unlike most things on Goop they are under $200. Plus they're Sperry, lined with fleece and pretty darn cute.

Get the Goop x Sperry Saltwater tall lace-up leather duck boots for $180.
Aunt Zelda's Cigarette Holder Ring, $20 on Etsy
For your loved one who, like Paltrow, allows themselves one cigarette per week, comes the fanciest way to hold one said cigarette.

Get Aunt Zelda's cigarette holder ring from Etsy for $20.
Goop Eau de Parfum Edition 01: Church, $165
This fragrance is described on the Goop website as one "that evokes a crackling fire, a cypress grove by the sea, and the centuries-old floorboards of an ancient European chapel." But if you ask us, it just smells plain incredible.

Get the Goop eau de parfum edition 01: church fragrance from Goop for $165.
Wunderkin Co. Wintermelon Scallop Barette, $8
Alex Mill Standard Jumpsuit in Cotton Twill, $178
Channel your loved one's inner Gwyneth in a jumpsuit in the same shade as this one she wore in 2016 — with just a bit more breathing room.

Get the Alex Mill standard jumpsuit in cotton twill for $178.
Goop by Juice Beauty Replenishing Night Cream, $125
Paltrow's entire nightly skincare routine will set you back $600, so if you're going to splurge on one piece, it should be this.

Get the Goop by Juice Beauty replenishing night cream for $125.
Jennifer Meyer Mini Uppercase Letter Ring, $200
Gwyneth loves a #femalefounder like Jennifer Meyer, who makes fabulous jewelry. This initial ring -- which you can get in any initial, not just Gwyn's, is one of her more affordable pieces.

Get the Jennifer Meyer mini uppercase letter ring for $200.
Summersalt The Cloud 9 Silky PJ Set, $95
She has perfected the art of wearing pajamas in public, and we while we can't promise whoever gets this gift will look like her if they wear these pajamas outside the house in them, at least they're super cute pajamas.

Get the Summersalt The Cloud 9 silky PJ set for $95.
Gwyneth Paltrow Holding Oscar Poster, $29.95
Who wouldn't want to hang one of the most iconic Oscar dresses of all time in their closet — err, on the walls of their closet>

Get the Gwyneth Paltrow holding Oscar poster from Walmart for $29.95.
"Three Women" by Lisa Taddeo, $24.30
Gwyneth called this book by Lisa Taddeo, which follows the lives of three women over an eight-year span, "an unflinching dissection of female desire so poetically described, I forgot it was non-fiction." Uh, yes please.

Get "Three Women" from Barnes & Noble for $24.50.
Nikka Coffey Grain Japanese Whisky, $69.99
Paltrow told Into the Gloss in 2018 she drinks a bit of this whisky every night. Give your loved ones the gift of a Gooptastic evening, dimly lit bathtub next to a fireplace not included.

Get Nikka Coffey Japanese whisky for $69.99.
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