Gwyneth Paltrow's Love Advice Revealed On 'Chelsea Lately,' Much To Her Embarrassment (VIDEO)

On "Chelsea Lately," Chelsea Handler embarrassed guest Gwyneth Paltrow by sharing some relationship advice that Paltrow had given one of their mutual friends.

Chelsea: "You were like, whatever you're doing, do the opposite. If you feel angry, go at him with love and you give him a blow ***."
Gwyneth: "Oh my God ..."
Chelsea: "That happened!"
Gwyneth: "What if my mother sees this show?"
Chelsea: "I'm already sending a copy of this show to your mother. People need to know that you're like that, because you are! That's amazing, I was like, give a blow? I'm not doing that!"

Handler seemingly told the story to show people that Paltrow is a little different from how she's perceived -- if anything, she's an anomaly. The star was named both "Most Hated Celebrity" and "Most Beautiful Woman in the World" in just over a week.

Whatever the title, Gwyneth's a busy girl. She just released another cookbook and can be seen on the big screen in "Iron Man 3," out Friday.



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