Gwyneth Paltrow's Redbook Cover Could Use A Little Airbrushing (PHOTO)

Or are we the only ones made sufficiently awkward by the creases in her pants?

We seldom ask a magazine to use more Photoshop (quite the opposite, actually), but we think we may have just discovered the one instance in which it should be required: awkward fabric bunching.

Gwyneth Paltrow covers the January 2013 issue of Redbook along with her personal trainer Tracey Anderson, aka the woman behind Gwynnie's "eat-what-I-want-and-not-think-about-it" workout regime. Naturally, we were interested about what the two had to say -- until we saw the cover and thought: what's going on with Gwyneth's pants?

More specifically, how could the magazine have let the 40-year-old's leather trousers gather in such an awkward way? We've lamented about the perils of leather and its sneaky bunching abilities, but we assumed that that style blunder was reserved for street snaps and other non-retouched moments. And since glossies aren't exactly afraid of heavy-handed airbrushing, we're surprised that Redbook didn't opt to smooth out the lines with a little Photoshop.

So tell us: would you have preferred if Redbook smoothed out the V-shaped lines in Gwyneth Paltrow's pants? Check out the cover below or pick up your own copy Dec. 18 to see the actress' "just like us" moment in person.


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