Gwyneth Paltrow: Robert Downey, Jr. Taught Me How To Play An Addict

In 'Country Strong,' Gwyneth Paltrow plays a country star rising back from the bottom. But before she could do that, she had to learn how to take the fall.

"I just couldn't understand how you could be so drunk that you could wreck people's lives and then wake up the next day and pretend everything was fine," she said in an interview with Reuters. "I struggled with that."

Seeking inspiration and insight, Paltrow said that she reached out to her 'Iron Man' co-star Robert Downey, Jr., who went through a well documented battle with addiction and misbehavior.

"I asked Robert, 'How does this work?'" she said. "He was really articulate about addiction and the psychology behind it. He really helped me a lot."

The results, it seems, may be as successful as Downey's own comeback. For much more of the interview, head over to Reuters.