Gwyneth Paltrow Talks About Her Stress In GOOP

In this week's GOOP, Gwyneth details her strategies for managing stress.

I have never been very good at handling stress (though a bit of meditation helps), and I wanted some very practical ways of reducing it that I could use during the course of my day. I got some good answers that don’t require a 90 minute yoga class, or flying to a hippie style silent retreat (I’ve actually done one - don’t ask), just simple things that we all have access to. Here they are!



Gwyneth goes on to suggest stress-reduction techniques from her friends, including Oliver Bros, who talks breathing:

Breathing is a beautiful and pure way of bringing yourself back into the moment, to not only push the play button again, but to refocus your energy. Have you been breathing while you’ve been reading this? No? How about giving it a quick try? There, doesn’t that feel better in a simple and powerful way?

Spiritual teacher Monica Berg recommends submersion in water:

There is a kabbalistic tool that can be of assistance in awakening the consciousness of certainty. It is called the mikveh, which is simply immersing our entire body in water, preferably in natural flowing water such as a stream, ocean or river. If that’s not available, then a pool or a bath will also suffice. Water represents mercy, and is also our ‘spiritual mother.’

It's not the first time Gwyneth has talked about her stress levels. Last year she told Vogue she was filled with hate after a feud with a friend rumored to be Madonna.

"In fact, I'm having a situation right now with a friend where I'm feeling pretty angry," she said. "But revenge is corrosive and it doesn't make me feel good. I'll wake up in the morning and think, 'Ugh, I feel terrible', and suddenly realise, 'Ah, that's why. I'm holding on to so much hate."

Earlier this year she shared tips for working moms trying to balance it all. Read all about Gwyneth's busy day and how she coped here and read the whole stress GOOP here.