Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Elimination Diet' Is Hardly The Craziest Diet To Come Out Of Hollywood

Gwyneth Paltrow is probably used to getting scrutinized for her unconventional diets, but when excerpts of her new book "It's All Good" started circling, she was suddenly blamed for being a bad mother, too. But is all the heat really warranted, or were her quotes taken out of context?

In the cookbook, Paltrow's second after "My Father's Daughter," the actress describes the elimination diet that makes her and her family feel healthier. Gwyneth, along with husband Chris Martin and kids Apple and Moses, has given up dairy, sugar, gluten and soy, and opts for other ingredients instead. And this is exactly what made the Oscar-winner a dart board as of recent weeks.

In the chapter titled "Grains," Paltrow admits that when her family gives up bread and pasta, they're sometimes "left with that specific hunger that comes with avoiding carbs." Various sites took that to mean that Paltrow starves her children and is therefore an unfit mother (here, here, and here). But in reality, Paltrow follows that "controversial" sentence up with this totally reasonable explanation and introduction to the chapter -- since her kids are craving carbs, she's whipped up some hearty grain recipes to satisfy them.

Now that we've got that straightened out, let's take a look at the seriously brow-raising diets Hollywood's pinups have been known to engage in:

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