Gym Alternatives: Cheap Ways To Stay In Shape This Winter (PHOTOS)

After a summer of fun outdoor activity (that doubles as exercise) relocating indoors can really be a bummer. Plus, having to weigh the cost of television vs. your expensive gym membership is a really depressing dilemma of the self. So we've compiled a list of cheap (or FREE!) alternative ways to stay fit (and now you can afford your precious cable, too!)

Learn to tango. Go rock climbing. Run (outside!). We promise you won't even notice the calories burn at RollerJam USA's adults-only Saturday night roller-skating parties.

If you are determined to workout in the great outdoors, there is nothing more picturesque than ice-skating (for free) in Bryant Park.

Check out all of our great picks for alternative workouts in NYC:

Alternative And Free Workouts In NYC (PHOTOS)