Gym Etiquette: Cell Phones, Sweaty Machines And More

Recently, Tina Santoro Asmar, a 49-year-old Planet Fitness user who used her cell phone on the gym's floor, was reprimanded by the club's manager and had her membership revoked.

"Use of cell phones on the gym floor or while using equipment is dangerous for individual members and distracting to others," Planet Fitness spokesman McCall Gosselin told HuffPost Business.

But beyond dangerous, the practice of gym-time phone calls is downright annoying. In this particular instance, the offender claimed she was on the phone with her doctor. (We're not sure why this precludes discretely talking in the stairwell, but that's just us.) Fair or not, Asmar's story got us thinking: What gym etiquette faux pas really get under your skin? Conversely, what's that one bad habit you know annoys other people, but you just can't seem to shake? We took to Twitter and this is what you had to say:

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